Service Provided


Whole-day, 4 levels according to the admission age

Graduates can apply the government Primary One (P1) Admission System

  • Pre-nursery class (N1) (ages 2-3)
  • Nursery class (K1) (ages 3-4)
  • Lower class (K2) (ages 4-5)
  • Upper class (K3) (ages 5-6)

Stationing School Social Work - To provide services for the needs of students and their families

Occasional Child Care Service (OCCS) - To provide short-term day time services for students in emergencies

Extended Hours Service (EHS) - To provide extended service hours for students who have dual-working parents

Affiliated services, Hong Chi Sunshine Project (On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Service) - To cater for the special educational needs of the students; for non-Chinese students - to support the learning needs of students from different countries and their families needs

Extra charges are required for occasional child care service (OCCS) and extended hours service (EHS), please contact the school for details.

Besides, about the Admission Arrangement and On-Site Support Service for the non-Chinese students, parents please call Education Bureau 28926676 for details.