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Contact Us

Free Methodist Church Bradbury Chun Lei Nursery School
Address: No.4-9 Level 2 Yiu On EST. Ma On Shan N.T.
Tel. No.: 2641 6338
Fax No.: 2641 8860

Our school launches various learning projects and activities to cater for the needs of non-Chinese children and their families, e.g. the Dialogic reading. Programme. Chinese story-telling and extended activities are organised, through the interactions, these help to promote the Chinese literacy abilities of non-Chinese children.

Moreover, the parent-child Chinese class, parent Chinese preparatory class and parent Chinese class are organised to provide non-Chinese parents/ children opportunities in learning Chinese. Parents understand the Chinese learning at school, assist their children’s learning and revision in Chinese, so as to achieve the target - the cooperation between the parents and the school.

Various social integration programmes and parents groups are organised to promote the mutual understanding and cultural interflow between local and non-local students and families.