Organisation Info

Starting from 1954, the Free Methodist Church of Hong Kong has started promoting gospel work, social services and education services, and it has been registered as a non-profit-making organisation since 1986.

Adhering to the Lord, the mission of the services is to follow "WE SERVE WITH HEART IN CHRIST”. With effective administration and professional knowledge, the organisation offers beneficial, diversified and high-quality social services to the people in need.

Since 1983, the Free Methodist Church of Hong Kong has started providing elderly services, nursery kindergartens, youth centres and personal & family counselling services. The Social Service Committee of the organisation has been founded in 1994 and is responsible for developing and coordinating the services and administrative work of different units.

Currently 4 services centres receive subsidy from the Social Welfare Department. They are Free Methodist Church Chuck Yuen IVY Club located in Chun Yuen South Estate, Free Methodist Church Tak Tin IVY club for the Elderly located in Tak Tin Estate in Lam Tin, Free Methodist Church Bradbury Nursery School located in Yiu On Estate in Ma On Shan, and Free Methodist Church Tuen Mun Children and Youth Integrated Services Centre located in Leung King Estate in Tuen Mun. On the other hand, self-funded services include "Love and Care” School Service and Art Fulfillments Project and Social Enterprises, providing the needy with services such as education, training, development, counselling, caring, etc on righteousness, wisdom, physical capability, team work and spirituality. The Social Service Committee provides guidance and supervision on the operations and development of all units.